The Ways Ordinary People Become World-Class

On this blog I like to share authors that I follow and respect.  One of them is Robin Sharma.

I consider myself an ordinary person, but like many of you I desire to be world-class. I desire to be a master in the businesses that I choose to engage in.

This is not an easy task.  It takes daily effort, faith, persistence past discouragement, energy, among other things.  I’ve learned that not everyone roots for you.  Along the path to any achievement or endeavor you will have to battle not only your own doubts, but also the doubts and criticisms of others.

In order to stay strong and motivated, you have to be able to refuel.  This I believe to be a daily process.  As a result, I am constantly looking for inspiration and ideas on how I can make my life and my business “world-class” in its own right. When I am “fueled-up” (which is now a daily habit) I like to share what I learn with others.  This process brings me happiness.

Robin Sharma provides some great continual inspiration on living the best possible life.

Check out this link for some advice from Robin about how ordinary people (like you and me) can become world class:


One comment on “The Ways Ordinary People Become World-Class”
  1. Susan Russell says:

    Oh I like Robin..great advice..I need to use one of these to focus on each day! Thanks for sharing Ryan!

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