Extroverts Are Not The Best Salespeople

Daniel Pink is an author I follow.  His work on motivation is informative and powerful.  His new book on sales (“To Sell Is Human”) is also fantastic.  In the article below he makes a very strong case as to why extroverts (you know the kissing babies, back slapping types) are NOT THE BEST SALESPEOPLE.

My favorite quote:

Extroverts can talk too much and listen too little. They can overwhelm others with the force of their personalities. Sometimes they care too deeply about being liked and not enough about getting tough things done.

You can be successful in sales by just being YOU!

We’d be far better off with those who take a more calibrated approach — who can talk smoothly but also listen keenly, who know when to turn on the charm but also when to turn it off, who combine the extrovert’s assertiveness with the introvert’s quiet confidence. In other words, when it comes to picking leaders, perhaps we should look for people a bit more like us

Check out the article:


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