Define The Dream, Embrace The Struggle, Note The Small Victories and Lessons Along The Way

I really believe that having a happy, fulfilling, engaging life is quite simple.

Happiness is not a destination, it is to be found in the journey itself.  You don’t become happy after you have achieved.  People who think this are unfortunately destined to spend a large portion of their life unhappily.  We don’t have exactly what we want right now, so we have to learn to enjoy the journey as we pursue what we want.

I have discovered that there are some very important factors that, if not present, impact your ability to enjoy the journey.

1. Compelling Vision For The Future: Not having goals is misery.  Not having a vision for a better future is terrible.  Existence, if that is your only goal, doesn’t get you excited.  Having a goal to “pay the bills” is the most uninspiring goal ever.  You know it!  It doesn’t excite me or you or anyone else. We are hard-wired to be moving and advancing.  There is nothing better than waking up having a sense of purpose and excitement to attack the day.  This only happens if your vision if compelling and your WHY is clear and powerful.  When you have a clear and compelling vision for exactly what you want your life to look like, and you understand why you want it, then you will have an endless energy source.  You cannot have this, and be unhappy.  These principles are mutually exclusive.

2. Acceptance And Embracing of the Challenge:  You are far more likely to enjoy the destination if you embrace, from the outset, the fact that obstacles, difficulties, failures, criticisms, and setbacks are GUARANTEED to be found along the way.  People who are unhappy often get focused on the setbacks instead of just learning to accept them as a natural and frankly healthy part of the journey.  Don’t complain when things get hard!  Did you forget that you were chasing your dreams?  Dreams are not easy.  Don’t kid yourself!  Expect it to be hard, and be happy when it is, because it is making you a better person.

3. Taking Inventory of the Victories and Education Along The Way: When you take a constant inventory of the small victories and lessons that you learn on the way to your goal this gives you a sense of hope, and encouragement that you are moving forward, and motivation to continue.  What you focus on you will feel.  This is the plainest truth that I have ever encountered.  If you focus on the challenges without just simply embracing and accepting them, then you feel burdened.  If you focus on the victories and the lessons then you feel motivated.  This is the “fuel” on your journey.

If you aren’t happy in your life, I dare you to do these three things.  Sustain it for 100 days straight and give me a call.  I guarantee you will be a happier person.

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