Wowing Customers – Dealing With Perceived Indifference

When was the last time that you reached out to your customers and thanked them?  I know that we all try to do this shortly after a purchase, but what about a random act of gratitude towards an old customer who hasn’t purchased in some time.  Have you ever done something like this?

Have you ever contacted an old customer just because you were thinking about them?  Perhaps you had a new product that you thought they might be interested in based on their previous buying experience, or better yet, you just felt like catching up and seeing how they were doing in their life?

Expressing gratitude is easy in the context of a transaction, but that type of gratitude isn’t what builds loyalty and raving fans for your business.

One of the main reasons that customers leave, and find a new provider, is “perceived indifference”.  It isn’t real indifference, I know that you actually care.  It is “perceived” indifference, in the sense that the customer doesn’t perceive that you care.

You haven’t reached out enough, outside of the initial transaction.  You haven’t followed up enough to ensure that their experience with your product or service is enjoyable, or to offer suggestions to make their experience more meaningful.

You may care deeply about them, but if they don’t perceive it, then you very well may lose a customer.  If they perceive that you care, then you can wow them, and create a raving loyal fan of your business in the future.

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