The Gap

There’s a gap between your potential accomplishment in a day, and your actual accomplishment in a day.

This is what’s in the gap:

  • Not having clear goals for what you want for your life;
  • Not having strong enough reasons for your goals, therefore little desire to go the extra mile, push past your fears and burn the midnight oil;
  • Poor planning, therefore too much time spent spinning your wheels;
  • Procrastination;
  • Rationalization;
  • Fear;
  • Needless worry about what people think of you, or other people’s opinion;
  • Boredom;
  • Fatigue; and
  • The illusion of victimization;

Here is how you realize your full potential in a given day (it’s actually quite easy):

  • Fully plan the day, prior to the day starting (ie. the day or week before);
  • Make sure your plan takes you closer to your most important goals;
  • Make sure your plan causes you to stretch outside your comfort zone and overcome fear;

When you do this you conquer resistance each day.  You build personal integrity because you stick to your commitments.  You realize your potential for that day.  Do this every day for your entire life and you will realize your potential in your life.

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