Creating Art

I’m an artist.  My work is my art.

You can be an artist too, but perhaps you haven’t found your art yet – or perhaps you are scared to embrace it.

Creating art isn’t easy.  Being an artist is hard.

Art demands dedication, persistence, patience, determination, commitment, passion, and discipline.

Artists create.  Artists inspire.  Artists are not deterred by criticism, resistance, fear or setbacks.

You must earn your art.  There are no shortcuts.  There are no quick fixes.  There is no instant gratification.

It took me a long time to embrace my art, although I always knew what it was.  I laboured for many years uninspired by my work, afraid to embrace my art. Afraid to embrace my calling.

My art is to inspire others to live a life of passion – passion for what inspires them, passion for their art.  My art is to help people act in the face of fear, act in the face of uncertainty.  My art is to help people embrace personal responsibility, and give up the notion of being a victim. My passion is business. I love business.  My art is to help people build great businesses, businesses that create massive value, businesses that change lives.

What is your art?


One comment on “Creating Art”
  1. Greg Forzani says:

    WOW…What a great perspective. It makes all of us think hard about what we are passionate about and gifted in. We should all think hard about what our art is.

    Imagine the difference it would make in our lives if we all found our art sooner than later.

    What are we doing to find our art, and if we struggle at it, should we seek guidance?

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