Emotional Labour

The world needs more emotional labour – the type of labour where people put their heart into their work.

Emotional labour means caring about what you do, not just doing it for a paycheque.

Emotional labour means going the extra mile, not because you may be rewarded for it, but because you are pursuing mastery of your craft independent of any potential payout.

Emotional labour is grinding, hard and lonely.

Emotional labour takes courage, persistence, and grit.

Emotional labour is not about “incentives”, it is about flow.

Emotional labour is engaging, gripping and emotionally satisfying…..over the long run.

Emotional labour builds trust, creates value, and forges relationships.

Emotional labour is personal leadership.  Emotional labour is inspiring.

If you can’t find emotion in your labour, then find a job where you can.  Find the courage to make a change.

Work is fulfilling when you engage with emotional labour.

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