The Path

Make a decision about what you want out of your business.

Determine with crystal clarity exactly why you want it, and that why needs to drive you and trigger strong emotions.

Commit yourself to do whatever it takes to stay on the path.

Make a daily effort to improve yourself, your business, your systems, your processes, and your efficiency.

Strive each day to elevate and master your craft.

Approach each day with discipline, and powerful habits.

Immerse yourself in what you do.

Have passion for what you do.

Give up complaining forever.

Expect the path to be hard.  If it weren’t hard then it wouldn’t be fulfilling.

Expect that mistakes are part of the learning and mastery process, so don’t get hung up when you fall short from time to time.

Model the methods and actions of those that have achieved what you want.

Never give up.

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