See It, Feel It, Experience It

Every single day, one of the first things that I do is review my goals.

I have written down not only my short term goals but also my “ultimate goals” for my life.

Then I take a moment to think about HOW BAD I want these to happen. I think about my WHY – the reasons why it is important that these goals are accomplished.

Then I think WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE if they came true – if they actually happened.

Then I FEEL exactly HOW I WOULD FEEL if that dream came true.

The entire exercise takes about 5 minutes and at this point in my life it is such a habit that it happens automatically.

After I’ve done this for only 5 minutes I am filled with MASSIVE MOTIVATION FOR THE DAY. I’m not scared at all, I’m driven to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make these goals happen. I’m not worried about “well what if it doesn’t happen”. That thought literally doesn’t cross my mind. I am only focused on what I want and nothing else.

Then I look at the plan that I’ve made for myself with my goals (the actions that I’m going to take). Then the magic happens:


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