Creating Value In Your Business

All great businesses create value for their customers.

A great salesperson isn’t just making a sale.  A great salesperson is creating value for the person that he is “selling” to.

How do you create value?

Author Bob Burg has some fantastic thoughts in his great book Go-Giver’s Sell More:

  1.  Apply the principle of Excellence to all tasks of your trade.  In everything you do – how you greet people on the phone, how you manage your correspondence and email, how you interact with others – you seek a standard of excellence.
  2. You are Consistent in all that you do.  When people can depend on you no matter what – you are creating value for them.
  3. You pay great Attention to detail.  When you pay attention to the smallest needs, interests, and wants of your customer and then deliver based on those details you are creating value.
  4. You are able to effectively express Empathy.  You truly care about people.  You don’t look at people just as a “commission” or another “customer”.  You like people.  You want them to be happy.
  5. You Appreciate people.  Really simple.  You notice the small and simple things that people do that make a difference, no matter how small, and you point them out.  You send thank you cards, you handwrite notes.  You genuinely appreciate others.

Start creating value for others in your business today!

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