Put Your Heart Into Your Work

If you are going to do anything, then put your heart in to it.

A half-hearted effort helps no one.  It doesn’t help the recipient of your effort, and it doesn’t help you.  You don’t grow if you don’t try, and you won’t get the results that you would otherwise get, had you put your heart into it.

What does “putting your heart into it” mean?

  • It means working each day like that day is the most important day of your life;
  • It means constantly striving to master your craft, constantly striving to improve; 
  • It means being disciplined and building powerful habits into your routine;
  • It means immersing yourself in your work and engaging with passion;
  • It means being resilient and solution orientated, and not complaining when things go wrong;
  • It means no turning back, no giving up, and being persistent until you get what you want.

Have you put your heart into your work?


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