Live Like A Kid

Kids have it figured out – we adults mess up a perfectly good system because of that phrase “being realistic”.

Let me tell you – being realistic is highly overrated. Being a kid is much better. When you are a kid, anything is possible. Anything is possible because life is one big continuous experiment. There is no such thing as failure because everything is new and we are continuously learning. When a kid is trying to walk, and they fail the first 100 times getting up, we don’t tell them to stop trying to walk! They try until they get it right. But something happens when you become an adult. When we try something and fail we often stop. WHY IS THIS?

I can tell you in one big ugly nasty word: FEAR.

The only reason that we are scared to dream big is fear. The only reason we stop when things get hard is fear. We are scared of other people and what they say. We are scared of not getting our goals because we will feel like disappointments. We are scared of the fallout of our own emotions. We are scared of being alone, we are scared of not being embraced and loved for who we are. We are scared!

Everyone faces it, no one is immune. Fear is not an empowering emotion though. It can be a catalyst for good if we use it to take action, but we will just be a lifetime of regrets if we fail to dream and fail to try because we are scared.

So when you are feeling scared to just go out there and dream big, here is the remedy:

1. Live like a kid – life is a giant experiment and you are the ultimate amateur scientist.

2. A kid knows that there is no such thing as failure, there are only results. If you don’t get the result you want when you want it, just try a new strategy.

3. The people who really matter will be there for you even if you fail. So quit worrying so much about the other people who don’t really matter.

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