No great achievement was ever accomplished without sacrifice. Building a successful stay at home business that rivals the income that you could make at a 9-5 job is a great achievement. Even building a consistent income stream that matches your part time income is a great achievement. Great achievements require sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the ability to prolong short term pleasure for long term satisfaction.

Here are the long term benefits of growing a sustainable stay at home business:

  • Never having to go back to a job that isn’t fullfilling to you just to pay the bills;
  • Financial freedom to be, do, experience whatever you want in life;
  • Hundreds (if not thousands) of new fulfilling relationships;
  • Lots of travel to fun places with people you enjoy;
  • Continual personal growth and development;
  • Leadership opportunities to help you be more and give more; and
  • All done on your timeline, under your schedule, in your power

Sounds pretty good! So to get it what is the sacrifice?

  • Short term time wasters (TV, useless internet surfing)
  • Hard work: this isn’t a “punch the clock” job, you have to be willing to work hard and long at first to get the business off the ground. The first 100 people on your team is always that hardest.
  • Letting go of excuses: You have to take 100% responsibility for your business and your life. This is hard, we aren’t conditioned to do this. We are conditioned to look for excuses and blame others
  • Being ok to get out there and try and maybe even fail a time or two. Failure doesn’t exist, there are only results. However, we have to condition our mind to look at it this way. Far too often we see consultants who get too discouraged too easily when they don’t immediately get the result they were seeking. You have to work UNTIL you get the result you want.

Your ability to sacrifice is fueled by your WHY (the reasons that you want to accomplish a given goal). If you don’t know your WHY then determine that today! DON’T WAIT A MINUTE!!!

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