Learn To Quit

In order to accomplish your goals there are things that you’ll need to learn to quit. Think about the following:

  • What “non-essential” work (busy work) do you engage in each day just out of habit. Just because you are busy in your business doesn’t mean that you are effective.
  • What bad personal habits do you have that hurt your business (complaining or blaming others when things go wrong, excessive TV or personal internet usage)

You will not be able to build the business of your dreams without some form of personal sacrifice. Every successful business person has had to sacrifice something to get their business to the level that it is.

What are the things you need to sacrifice in your life to get the things that you really want?

What are some things that you could quit today and it would really help your business?

One of the most powerful methods I’ve learned to make effective use of my time, and quit doing the things that don’t contribute to my long term goals and objectives, is to actually “track” my effective time in a given day.

For example, I write down a list of “effective” actions that I could take in my business on a given day. Then, as an experiment, I will track the actual amount of time that I spend engaging in an effective action during that day. When I first started this exercise I was amazed at how much time I would waste, and how little time I was actually spending doing effective things that would move my business forward in a real way.

Once I was aware of it, I could change it. You can’t change anything unless you are first aware of the problem. I continue to track now all the time. I have also taken to “super-focusing” on actions that are the most effective usages of my time. I have found that the more that I can super-focus on the most effective actions, the best results I get.

Quit doing things that don’t add to your goal. Start doing more things that do. It is really that simple.

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