An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend or Greatest Adversary

You have started a business, or perhaps you are contemplating starting a business.  You have the smarts, the tenacity, and a killer product or service that you know will add value to others.  There is one thing however that you must direct for your good, because this one thing can either propel you or completely derail you.  That one thing is either your best friend, or your greatest adversary.  That one thing is belief.

If you are an entrepreneur then it is likely that you have been inspired at some point by the stories of people who have fought and struggled to get their business off the ground, and in the end, despite their struggle they are successful.  They are able to spread value to others and in turn positively change the course of their own life.  What is consistent with these types of people, and these types of stories, is that the protagonist always has positive belief.  They may struggle at times with this belief.  They may doubt at times their ability.  But they always come back to one or more of the following:

  • They believe that they have the ability to overcome obstacles that may come up;
  • They believe that they will find a way, no matter how difficult the journey;
  • They believe that they will make it, as long as they never give up;
  • They believe that their product or service will add value to others (some even believe that it will change the world) and so it is worthwhile to continue the fight;

Belief is their underlying foundation. Belief is what ultimately allows them to succeed.

Belief can work the other way as well.  Here are some common negative emotions that an entrepreneur faces:

  • Doubt (in their abilities or the viability of the product);
  • Anxiety (that they won’t be able to get their business off the ground and therefore will suffer financially);
  • Stress (that the pressure of sustaining the business is too much); and
  • Fear (that no one will buy, that they can’t do it, that they will fail)

Each of these negative emotions however has an underlying belief.

If you doubt, are anxious, feel stress, or experience fear, then you are “believing” something about the situation.  To identify this belief ask yourself a simple question “what must I believe to feel this way””  For example if you feel doubt, then in order to feel doubt, you must hold a believe that you are going to fail.

The trick (and the power) is that we can learn to control our beliefs and condition new behaviours.  When you experience a negative emotion (upon which a disempowering belief rests) simply ask yourself this question, “How would a person act who believed that they would succeed in this situation?”

Then simply act as that person would act.  Do this over and over and you condition a new empowering mindset.


2 comments on “An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend or Greatest Adversary”
  1. Nick says:

    Hey Ryan, excellent articles you produce on this site. Keep up the empowering messages and detailed writing!

  2. Thanks Nick! Glad you like it!

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