Measure It

You cannot manage or improve something until you measure it.

If you are approaching the end of a goal period then it is time to evaluate and measure.

Remember – there is so such thing as failure, there are only results. So if you didn’t achieve your initial goal, take some time and measure how you did.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What actions were effective during this goal period (I should do more of these for my next goal)?
  • What actions were ineffective during this goal period (I should do less of these next time)?
  • What actions didn’t I take at all that I should try for the next goal period?
  • How did I learn during this goal period?
  • What do I still need to learn in order to reach my new goal?
  • How do my beliefs need to change in order to reach my new goal?
  • What can I do today to take a small step toward my goal.

All achievers measure. Top athletes measure their performance. Companies measure their profits and other statistics quarter to quarter. We have to do the same.

We have to run our lives as if we were an olympic athlete or a Fortune 500 company. Otherwise we are just passive observers in life, and being passive doesn’t lead to fulfillment.

Here is how it works:

  1. Set a goal;
  2. Know exactly why you want this goal;
  3. Believe, with absolute certainty, that you can achieve it;
  4. Set a time frame for its completion;
  5. Take massive action during this time frame. Track your progress. Take 100% responsibility (no complaining or blaming). Give everything that you have;
  6. At end of the time frame measure and evaluate, regardless of whether you achieved your goal. Learn from the process;
  7. Then set a new goal with a new time frame for completion

Repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat until you get what you want.

We need to be deliberate with our lives. We need to know exactly what we want. Go after it with everything we have. Track our progress and measure results, and then persist until we get it.

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