We are all the same. We all breathe. We all have 24 hours in the day.

It is easy to find excuses in life though. It is easy to play the victim. It is easy to say – I don’t have this advantage, that person was born into a better circumstance, etc.

But in our business excuses don’t work. It doesn’t matter what your education is, where you grew up, where you live now. It doesn’t matter your ethnicity, or social community. Everyone one is exactly the same. Everyone has the same ability to build this type of business. Direct sales is the great equalizer.

So what makes the difference in our business? What allows some people to thrive and succeed.

Simple – all we are, and all we have, is just an accumulation of the choices that we make, each and every day, day after day.

Our choices are our best friend or our greatest enemy.

Everything in your life exists because you first made a choice about something. Each choice started a behaviour. Over time, if you continued that behaviour then you created a habit. Habits control your life.

So what are the choices that you are making in your business?

What are the choices you will make today?

Will you choose to make 5 calls, 10 calls, 20 calls, 40 calls, 0 calls?

Will you choose to complain if you have a party that doesn’t go exactly how you want or will you choose to dig in and ask yourself how your next party will be great?

Will you choose to watch TV tonight after the kids go to bed, or will you choose to put in that extra effort, burn a little midnight oil to make your business great?

Will you choose to learn a new skill? What skill? Or will you choose to do the same things that you have always done, even if you aren’t getting the results you want?

What will you choose?

By not choosing anything you are still making a choice – you are choosing not to make a choice! You have chosen to be a passive receiver of whatever comes your way. You have chosen to be part of someone else’s dream, instead of your own.

Every part of your life, in every way, is determined by the choices that you make.

Choose wisely! Choose the path of resistance. Things don’t come easy, and good things are never free. You make your choices, and then, your choices make you!

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