The Ripple Effect

Small changes or actions that are implemented in your business and consistently applied can have a positive ripple effect on many other aspects of your business and life.

For example, the small habit of each day visualizing the successful achievement of your goals, and “feeling” what it feels like to accomplish these goals will put you in a positive state. This state will ripple into action in your business. However, the ripple effect doesn’t stop there. The positive ripple continues to your personal life, where you are a more positive person and therefore able to better handle personal challenges and make relationships magical.

Another example is the small action of making a couple phone calls each day to market your business. This action, if consistently applied over time, will not only build your business, but it will give you more courage. Courage in turn will give you confidence. Confidence will help you massively in your business because as you speak to others about what you do you will convey passion and excitement and no fear. Again, this will impact your personal life in a very positive way.

Another positive example is the habit of each day making contact with your downline. Genuinely praising their victories, reaching out in a sincere way to add value to them (however they need it). When you do this consistently, it will ripple into your business. You will feel motivated to build your business when you are helping others with theirs. You will feel positive about your business because you are expressing positivity in others. You will have a habit of looking for the good things in life because you have been challenging others to do the same.

Small dis-empowering actions, or negative belief patterns, can have the same ripple effect. For example a habit of complaining when things go wrong in your business will put you in a negative emotional state. When you are in a negative emotional state then you will have less resilience to deal with trials and challenges in your relationships and personal life.

When either small action (positive or negative) is sustained over time there is a magnification of the ripple. The longer you sustain it the greater the magnification.


So start today. What is a small action that you can do each day in your business? This will form a keystone habit and over time will produce massive results.

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