The Power of Compounding

Have you ever had this experience:

You go a long time without seeing a friend, and when you see them again they have changed their appearance in a very positive way. But the change is really noticeable – so noticeable that one of the first things that you say to them is “wow, you look great!”.

We can see great changes easily from a distance. They are immediately visible to us because our frame of reference for the individual is based on a different image. However, to the person who has made the change, the results aren’t visible immediately. They are the product of many, many small and consistent actions that are applied over time to create great results.

When a person who is undergoing change looks at their growth, day by day, the results aren’t immediately visible . The change is noticeable when they compare their results, after a period of consistent action, to what they were like when they started.

What drives real change is small, consistent actions applied over time. Habits, therefore, can have the most powerful effect over our life.

Our businesses are exactly the same. You won’t often see immediate results from the day to day actions that you take. However, when you carry forward effective actions every day over a long period of time then growth is noticeable to people whose frame of reference is what your business looked like at the very beginning.

This is the principle of the Compound Effect (a fantastic book by Darren Hardy).  You reap huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices that are consistently made, and built into habits. Even though the results are massive (when looking back from the beginning), the steps, in the moment, don’t feel significant.

In your business, doing the little things may not feel significant in the moment, and they may not even yield immediate results. However, if you consistently apply these actions, if you do them every single day for a significant period of time then you will see massive results.

So what little positive actions in your business can you start doing every single day? Keep at it and reap the compounding rewards.


One comment on “The Power of Compounding”
  1. Tate says:

    Very true, great article.

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