The Most Powerful Words

What are the most powerful words?

Most of the time we operate from a position of:

“I’d like to”; or

“It would be nice if”; or

“I want”,

However, there is a completely different mentality, a much more empowering and powerful mindset, when you operate from the position of “I will”. The words “I will” are the most powerful words we can use.

The moments in my life where I felt the greatest level of personal power have been those moments where I experienced absolute certainty. They were the moments that I knew that I would accomplish something specific. I knew something was going to happen, and I was willing to do whatever it took, no matter what, to make it come about.

Something happens to a person when they pass a threshold point, where they no longer wish, desire, hope, want or even dream, but rather they move to a position of absolute certainty that they will obtain a given result. They move from desire to absolute belief.

This state, in my opinion, is the most empowered state that a person can reach – a state of absolute certainty that a particular result will occur.

It all begins with a thought that is generated in your mind – a thought about something that is desirable to you. In many cases we don’t believe that the thoughts that we have will actually come to pass. We may dream of our business being a certain way, or our life looking a certain way, but we don’t really believe it. We don’t really think that it will happen. So we let the thought go, it passes, and we continue on with our day to day life.

However, every once in while we get a thought that we embrace as a real belief. We move that thought away from a “wish” to a “certainty” as we tell ourselves that it will occur. A perfect example is the person who at some point looks in the mirror and they don’t like what they see (physically) so they decide right there to change it, and they do. All of us know people who have that story.

Think about a time in your life where you made a real change, or took real action in a certain direction. There was a moment of certainty where you actually believed that a given result was in your power, and you knew that you would do whatever it took to bring it about. The thoughts of discouragement, fear, or even the time that it would take to bring about the result weren’t on your mind. You knew that you would get the result, no matter what.

Meghann and I felt this way in the summer of 2010 when we sat on the beach on the Big Island of Hawaii and wrote down our goals for what we were going to accomplish in our Scentsy business. We just knew that we would be successful at this. It wasn’t a hope. It wasn’t a wish. It wasn’t even a desire. We just knew that we would do it. It was pure belief. It was absolute certainty.

Absolute certainty translates into reality. There is magic in this. We have been able to build our business because we knew in our minds that we would. A thought crossed our mind, which was embraced. It was not embraced as a wish. It was embraced as a certainty, and that certainty has now been turned into reality for us.

The exciting thing is that you can train your mind so that you live with certainty all the time. When you start out small, and build on your belief then you are able to take on larger goals, and know with certainty that you will achieve them.

So start with something small. What is something that you could do for yourself or your business? Something that is totally within your control?

Think about that in your mind. Then do it. Absolutely follow through. You will engage the process of turning thoughts into reality because what you follow through on began with just a thought. Once you have completed this once, do it again.

Do it again, and again, and again, so that it becomes part of you. Once this pattern is conditioned inside of you, you will find yourself thinking larger thoughts and knowing with certainty that you will achieve them because you have conditioned this pattern of belief in your mind.

It all starts with a thought, and then the thought backed by the most powerful words “I will”.


2 comments on “The Most Powerful Words”
  1. SueAnn says:

    Have you been listening to dana wildes “train your brain”?, its exactly what you are talking about here, how we need th FEEL the emotion not just say the words for it to cement in our brain. So, it starts with hope till we believe it, but i have sure found thos working for me!
    So, my team will grow, and i hope, i believe my team will hit director numbers for feb, march and april -earning me registration at Scentsy Family reunion, and i KNOW i will hit them in march to keep me out of. Director Q!

    1. Thanks SueAnn – I’ll check it out. I absolutely agree. Tony Robbins also teaches this concept. We don’t make a change until it is part of our physiology – until we feel the certainty. Keep it up!

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