There is no key to success in our business more important than consistency.

Here is a pattern that we unfortunately have seen over the years with consultants who don’t get the results they want and find themselves getting stuck when trying to grow their business: If they are are honest, they will admit that they haven’t been consistent in their actions.

They will get fired up at convention, spring sprint or a team meeting.

After the event they will make goals, and renew their commitment to achieve.

But when you track the consistency of their actual actions six months after the event they don’t align with the initial desire in their hearts.

Having passion and belief and excitement is critical. You can’t succeed without it.

But passion, without taking consistent action is like flooring the gas pedal with the parking brake still on. You’re not going to get very far without doing damage to the vehicle.

Without consistency in your actions your recruits, leads, parties, opportunities will start to dry up. Without consistency in your actions your attempts at online marketing will be a waste of time and money.

So how can you be consistent? One of the ways that Meghann and I have learned is to track certain daily actions that we do, and ensure that they take place each day.

We did this when we were still working at other jobs. Where did we find the time? We had to sacrifice certain things (TV) to get them in.  However this sacrifice was easy because our WHY power (the reasons “why” we wanted to succeed in our business) was strong enough.

If you aren’t taking daily action in your business then your WHY power isn’t strong enough. Even a small action, a half an hour a day, will have a massive compounding effect over time.

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