Just Start

What are you waiting for?  What is that business idea that you have?  What is that something that you’ve always wanted to learn?  What is that job that you’ve always wanted to go after?  What is that class that you’ve always wanted to take?

How come you haven’t done anything yet?

What is stopping you?  What “story” do you have in your head that prevents you from taking action.

Is it that you don’t have enough time?  We always find time for those things that are most important.  I bet if you did an “audit” on yourself you would find that you waste lots of time each day on meaningless things like reading status updates on facebook, looking at other people’s lives on instagram, and watching shows that are engaging (like Duck Dynasty) but that don’t really add any true value to your life.

The real reason that you haven’t started is that deep down inside you have fear.  You have fear of being a “failure”, especially a visible one. You have fear of wasting time or money on something that you end up not liking.  You have fear of letting yourself down.  You have fear and doubt that you can’t actually do something unique or challenge.

The fact is – you’re wrong.  You do have the ability to do something engaging, passionate and powerful.  You do have a unique value proposition that you can share with the world. You do have the ability to find meaning in your life, every single day.

So what are you waiting for. Just start.  Start today.  Write out a specific plan on how you are going to take action over the next 30 days on that “thing”.  You’ll thank me later.


2 comments on “Just Start”
  1. SueAnn says:

    Thanks ryan, will be sharing this at my opportunity night!

    1. Awesome! Excited to hear how it goes!

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