Add Just One Word

Think of your ultimate goal right now.

What is it?

I mean your absolute, ultimate goal. Do you even have one? Is it clear? Is it compelling?

If you have one then you have probably encountered this: when we dream big, it is common for this question to set in, “Can I do it?”

If you dare to dream big (which many people don’t), it is natural for that small seed of doubt to creep in – is it possible you may say? Can I do it?

If you answer that question, even in the slightest way, with the word no, or “I’m not sure”, you lose momentum. It happens quickly, and its consequences are real.

Whether you believe you can or you can’t – you are right!

The entire exercise changes when you add just one word: How

When you change the question “Can I do it” to “How can I do it” magic happens.

Magic happens because you are forced to exercise that often neglected muscle – your brain. You are forced to visualize. You cannot answer the question of “How can I do it” without seeing yourself doing it. It also forces you to have to see the path to the accomplishment.

The word “How” empowers you. The word “How” makes you think of the ways that you can take action. It directs your focus, away from doubt, and towards self-reliance.

The word “How” assumes there is a way, you just need to find it.

The word “How” changes your thinking. The word “How” changes you.

Sharon Wood, the first North American woman to climb Mount Everest, described her experience, “I discovered it wasn’t a matter of physical strength, but a matter of psychological strength. The conquest lay within my own mind to penetrate those barriers of self-imposed limitations and get to the good stuff—the stuff called potential, 90 percent of which we barely use.”

When you embrace the word “How” you start to tap into that 90 percent!

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