Garbage In, Garbage Out

One of the most effective habits that Meghann and I have incorporated into our life over the last three years as we’ve built our business is to filter the information that we allow into our minds.

Case in point: we rarely watch TV or listen to the news on the radio.

We have found that TV, and radio news, added almost zero value to us, particularly the news. Sure I like to watch the odd sporting event (I am a UFC fanatic). However, what we realized is that watching the news, and other mindless television was not helping us in our business or in the other important core goals that we had for our life.

A lot of people have said to me: well you need to know what is going on in the world!!!

My answer to that: Why? Why do I need to know everything?

I am changing the world everyday in a small way by my positive attitude and my influence on others. I am not neglecting my “civil duty” by refusing to be glued to a box for 2 hours a day.

Is our media fix a real need or a cultural habit? A hundred years ago people didn’t have TVs and they did fine. I have spent many many hours in my life reading newspapers, watching news reports, staying on top of current events. However the vast majority of what I read doesn’t make my life better.

When I spent time in this passive pursuit this is what I feel:

  • Doubt (because everyone is telling me how hard it is “out there”, an how bad the economy is)
  • Fear (because I am constantly reminded of all the risks “out there”)
  • Discouragement (because I am constantly reminded of how cruel people can be to each other)

When I take those into my life they start to manifest how I think, what I say, and the actions (or lack of) that I take.

It has been probably a year since I stopped watching the news, or listening to the news on the radio, on a regular basis. I am happier, our business is more successful, I am fully engaged each day in pursuits that I am interested in, I am positive, I am inspired.

All of this occurred – AFTER – I quit my addiction to “being in the know”.

I get the “news” that is important to me through an RSS feed on the internet (one that I can filter and control), and spend the vast majority of my time reading or listening to content that makes me feel good and builds me up.

Going on a self-induced media fast has been wonderful!

Your brain is just like your body. If you feed your body trash, it won’t run as effectively. If you feed your brain trash then the output will be trash (in the form of negativity, discouragement and depression).

The world isn’t as scary as the news would have you believe. There are people each day doing good, helping others, going after worthy pursuits and succeeding in them.

So think about the principle of garbage in, garbage out! Think what you are feeding your mind.

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